Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) are strategically important to the economy, making a substantial contribution to the national income, employment, innovative and social development.
By their very nature SME’s are subjected to a high level of unpredictability and with it a high degree of risk, often these risks can be mitigated with capable staff and effective human resource management and employment practices.
HRM Strategic Solutions uses leading edge methodologies and tools based on the HRF 101:2010 Human Resource Framework National Standard, to provide services to businesses on practical human resource and business management. 
Our aim is for businesses to minimise risk and maximise sustainability.
We will provide a:
  • Sustainable Human Resource Framework for your business.
  • Specialist support when you need it.
  • Partner to your business at a fraction of the cost of an internal employee.
  • Peace of mind with risk and compliance.
  • Objective assessments and benchmarks to track your progress and return on investment.
  • Balanced and controlled approach to your human resource requirements.
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