STAR Workplace Program
If you employ staff then you
are in the "People Business"
The HR Coach Network with over 100 offices
throughout Australia is an organisation of
qualified HR and Business Coaches that
specialise in improved business performance
through improved employee performance.
If you don't measure it
you can't manage it!
Employee surveys are just not good enough. You need to know the whole story - there are three steps to gaining back control.
  • First we get your feedback so we can see what you want from your business and the impact it is having on you.
  • Second, we get feedback from your people about the business - no blame games, just the facts so you can see the impact your business has on you people.
  • Third, we have all the information to create a practical 12 months plan. A road map for you to follow, month by month, putting you back on track.
We give you the
Green Light!
STAR Workplace Program Benefits
Star Workplace Program Testimonial
Knowledge is power, and that's what STAR Workplace gives you.
Once you start, it will change the way you look at your business
- it will change the way you plan. Your pathway will be set.
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STAR Workplace Pathway
The HR Coach Research Institute is dedicated to
researching and understanding business trends
and Human Resources that impact on the agility
of organisations to implement sustainable
HR practises and business strategy.
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